Minority Business Commission

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Meetings: Quarterly

Place: City Hall, Meeting Room-TBD

Membership: 8 members as follows:

  • 5 individuals appointed by City Council, each of whom must live or work in the City of Charlottesville and/or Albemarle County throughout the appointed terms. [Initially: two members shall be appointed for a term ending June 30, 2022; two members shall be appointed for a term ending June 30, 2021; and one member shall be appointed for a term ending June 30, 2020; upon the expiration of a member’s initial term the member’s replacement shall be appointed for a term ending on June 30 of the third year following the date of expiration of the term of the member whose term expired, so that the terms shall remain staggered in the manner established by the initial terms.]
  • City’s Minority Business Development Coordinator
  • City’s Minority Procurement Coordinator
  • One City Councilor selected by City Council.

Term: 3 years, following the initial staggered terms. Limit two full terms.

Purpose: To serve in an advisory capacity to City Council on the following matters:
1. The City’s established policy of equal opportunity and nondiscrimination in procurement and business development;
2. The City’s efforts in promoting the startup of minority-owned businesses in the City and the growth and expansion of existing City minority-owned business;
3. The City’s continuing efforts to encourage the participation of businesses, and in particular those certified by the Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity (SBSD), in City contracts; and
4. The City’s assurance that its business development and procurement opportunities are made available to all persons, regardless of race, religion, color, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or any other basis prohibited by law; and

The MBC will not have authority to participate in, provide advice or assistance with respect to, or otherwise become involved in individual procurement solicitations, evaluations, awards, disputes or protests.

Contact: Sarah Hawthorne, purchasing@charlottesville.org and Zoie Smith, mbp@charlottesville.org

 If planning to attend the meetings please email Ms. Hawthorne and Ms. Smith. 

2020 Meetings

January 30, 2020, located in City Hall in the Second Floor Conference Room: