University of Virginia Dorms

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The following University of Virginia dorms are located in the City of Charlottesville.

Students residing at these dorms need to be registered to vote at the addresses of these dorms. Students can look up their voter registration at

Alumni Hall-402

International Residential College

Hoxton Apartments - 1 to 999

Yen House (formerly Lewis) - 1 to 999

Mary Mumford House - 1 to 999

Gwathmey House - 1 to 999

University Gardens 

University Gardens - 83 to 138


Snavely - 833 to 834

Abbott - 835 to 836

Ribble - 837 to 839

(Other Copeley addresses are in Albemarle County, voting at Slaughter Recreation Center)


Bice, including German House - 583 Brandon Avenue + Apartment Number

Bond House - 600 Brandon Avenue + Apartment Number

JPA Language Houses 

La Maison Francaise1404 Jefferson Park Avenue

Casa Bolivar1408 Jefferson Park Avenue

Shea House400 Monroe Lane



Weedon - 394

Whyburn - 395

(Johnson, Malone and Norris are in Albemarle County, voting at Slaughter Recreation Center)


Reference Document: UVA On-Grounds Housing (showing whether in Charlottesville or Albemarle, and precinct, for voters registered at that address)