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Information for StudentsAPPLYING FOR SERVICE 

The first time you have service with the City of Charlottesville, or if you previously had service but it has been more than two years ago, you must pay a deposit or provide us with a letter of credit from another utility company. The letter must be from a company where you had service for at least a twelve month period during the past two years.

You can fill out our online application or call us at (434) 970-3211 to apply for service. We will bill you for your deposits and service charges.


Do not forget to call us (434) 970-3211 when you move. We will need to know your account number, address, date for disconnecting and your forwarding address. Please call us at least 72 hours in advance. We get very busy during certain times of the year and we will need advance notice. If you do not give us an order to take the service out of your name, you will continue to be responsible for your account. You can also go to our online form to disconnect your service.


Once a month, you will receive a bill based on the consumption on your meter.  If you have not paid by the due date, you will get a Past Due notice and may have your services disconnected if payment is not received. Please note that the due date shows on bill right above the stub. Returned checks will be debited back to the account and there is a $25.00 returned check fee. Unpaid returned checks may also result in disconnected service.


We get a lot of questions around holiday break (mid-December to mid-January). The most asked question we get before the break is "What should I do about my bill while I'm gone?". Make sure your account is paid in full before you leave for break. If you do not pay your account up in full before you leave, your services may be disconnected for non-payment while you are away. Disconnecting gas in the winter may cause frozen pipes. Any bills we send you while you are gone can be paid when you return in mid-January. 

The second most frequently asked question comes after you come back. "Why is my gas bill larger this month and I was not even here?". There are many reasons that this can happen. The weather is usually the reason. It tends to get significantly colder during this time period. Along with the cold, the condition of your furnace and the insulation in your home are other factors in an increase in your bill. To keep the increases to a minimum, make sure you lower your thermostat before you leave town.

Send email to the City Utility Billing Office