Application for Service: Business

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The first time your business has service with the City of Charlottesville, or if you have had service but it has been more than two years ago, you must pay a deposit or provide us with a letter of credit in the same business name from another utility company. The letter must be from a company where you had service for at least one year in the past two years.

The deposits for commercial gas and water customers is based on usage at the property and what the gas or water will be used for. The minimum gas deposit is $250.00. The minimum water deposit is $75.00. Your deposit will be debited to your 1st bill.  You must pay this bill by the due date to avoid service cut off because of unpaid deposit amounts.  There is a $30.00 charge for service and application initiation. Commercial accounts cannot be put in the customer's personal name to avoid paying the deposits.

If you have previously had service with us within the last 2 years for at least a year and have good credit, we do not require a deposit. There is still the $30.00 service charge.

Please don't apply for service more than two weeks in advance.

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