Water Conservation Links & Contact Info

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water conservation

Want to learn more about water conservation?  Visit some of the websites listed below.


Meadow Creek at Greenbrier Park

     Water Conservation Facebook Page

     Public Works Twitter Page: @CvillePW

     Albemarle County Service Authority

     Rivanna Water & Sewer Authority

     Thomas Jefferson Soil & Water Conservation District

     University of Virginia Sustainability

     Rivanna Conservation Alliance

     UVA Climatology Office


     Local Energy Alliance Program

     Virginia Water Resources Center

     Virginia Cooperative Extension

     Virginia Dept of Environmental Quality

     Virginia Dept of Health: Drinking Water


View of Moore's Creek in Jordan Park

U.S. EPA: Water Wise

U.S. EPA: WaterSense

U.S.D.A: Natural Resource Conservation

U.S.G.S: Water Resources

United Nations: Water

Water Use It Wisely






Environmental Protection Agency: WaterSense Calculator

Alliance for Water Efficiency: Home Water Works

H2OUSE: Water Saver Calculator




 Have you found a broken link? Contact the City's Water Efficiency Program Coordinator via email.

To report a water leak or water utility emergency: Call 24/7 Phone Number: (434) 970-3800

Questions about Water Conservation in Charlottesville: Contact the Water Efficiency Program Coordinator, Jill Greiner
Phone: (434) 970-3877 or Email: waterconservation@charlottesville.org
Jill Greiner
305 4th Street, NW
Charlottesville, VA 22903