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Stormwater runoff is precipitation that flows over the ground and into the City's stormwater system or directly into creeks and streams. As this runoff flows over land or impervious surfaces, such as paved streets, parking lots, and building rooftops, and does not soak into the ground. The runoff picks up pollutants like trash, chemicals, oils, and dirt/sediment that can harm our rivers, streams, lakes, and coastal waterways.

 Only Rain Down the Storm Drain Edit

As part of the larger Water Resources Protection Program (WRPP), the City has adopted a Stormwater Utility Fee to provide a dedicated and stable source of funding for stormwater management activities. The Stormwater Utility Fee is billed twice a year and calculated based on the amount of impervious area on every eligible parcel of improved real estate property in the City, regardless of tax status. For more information regarding fees, billing, and credits, click here. To read more about the utility fee and how it's calculated, please view our flyer.

For stormwater system details and specifications, please view the standards and design manual on the neighborhood development page.

For information regarding Meter and Service Line Ownership, click here

Charlottesville Conservation Assistance Program (CCAP)

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CCAP is managed by the Thomas Jefferson Soil and Water Conservation District (TJSWCD), and is an extension of the Virginia Conservation Assistance Program (VCAP), with additional support from the City of Charlottesville. The program provides financial, technical and educational assistance to property owners in the City who intend to install eligible stormwater control practices on their property. These practices can help address issues like erosion, poor drainage and failing vegetation, while helping to improve the appearance and function of yards and landscapes.

Funds are available for your improvement project. Most stormwater and conservation practices are eligible for a 75% financial  reimbursement, and may lower your Stormwater Utility Fee. For more information on CCAP, and to learn about what may work for your property, contact the Thomas Jefferson Soil and Water Conservation District by visiting their website at or by phone at 434-975-0224 ext. 103.


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For questions, comments and concerns, please contact (434) 970-3800 or

For questions regarding Stormwater Utility Billing, please contact the City Treasurer's Office at (434) 970-3146 or

To report an environmental incident or concern, please contact the City of Charlottesville Environmental Sustainability Division at


For more information, please visit the Environmental Sustainability page here.