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For your convenience, Charlottesville Gas provides a complete range of services from gas line installation to gas line repair. Note that Charlottesville Gas is only responsible for the gas line from the street to the meter. Any internal lines beyond the meter are the homeowner's responsibility. To view a list of local contractors that can assist with further installation, click here.

To download a copy of the gas service application, click here.

Click here to view our gas service guide, which contains the steps of getting gas service.

If you're building new construction, click here for important installation requirements.

For information regarding Meter and Service Line Ownership, click here.

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 To  Contact  Phone Number
  • Open a new gas account
  • Change the name on an account
  • Discontinue existing service
  • Begin service
  • Light furnace pilot light
  • Install a new water meter
  • Questions about your bill
 Utility Billing  (434) 970-3211
  • Follow up on gas installation schedule
  • Relocate/remove existing gas service
  • Move existing gas meter
 General Operations  (434) 970-3803
  • Check availability of gas service
  • Apply for a gas service line - new construction
  • Apply for a gas service line - existing home
  • Learn more about rebate offers
 Gas Marketing  (434) 970-3812
  •  Report a gas emergency 24/7
Gas Dispatch 

 (434) 970-3800


(434) 293-9164



 Service  Current Fee
 Service connection fee  $30
 Gas meter & connection to gas main  No charge
 First 150ft of service line with qualifying appliance*  No charge
 Each foot of line above 150ft with qualifying appliance*

 $12/foot unpaved

$30/foot paved

 Each foot of line installed for gas fireplace/generator only with no other qualifying appliance*

 $12/foot unpaved

$30/foot paved

Additional cost may apply. Contact the Gas Marketing Office for a quote

 Upsized meter for use with power generator (residential/commercial)  Contact the Gas Marketing Office for a quote
 "Farm tap" required to install service connection to transmission line  $400


Cost Comparison: Compare your home heating fuel to natural gas

  • To compare oil and propane costs to natural gas, oil and propane must be converted into therms.
  • To convert oil to therms - multiply cost of oil per gallon by 0.72
  • To convert propane to therms - multiply cost of propane per gallon by 1.092
  • The current cost of one therm of natural gas is $0.84 (based on a monthly bill for a typical residential 12,000CF user)
 Fuel Type:  Cost per Gallon:  Multiplied by 0.72/1.092:  Compared to Natural Gas:
 Oil  $2.44  $1.76/therm  $0.84/therm
 Propane  $2.24  $2.45/therm  $0.84/therm


Sign up for a new gas line today! Contact:

Gas Marketing Office

(434) 970-3812