Gas Meter Guards

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State regulations require guard posts to be installed around gas meters located in areas susceptible to vehicular damage. Charlottesville Gas is responsible for determining if guard posts are required to protect meter set assemblies. Guard posts located in commercial or industrial locations, street rights-of-way, and alleyways should be painted “caution” yellow.

If your gas meter is located in an area exposed to vehicular traffic, gas meter guards must be installed to help prevent potential damages. Charlottesville Gas has partnered with contractors who will be visiting homes and installing guard posts around affected meters at no cost to the homeowner.

Meter Guards

To avoid the need for guard post installation, choose a meter location that is away from driveways or other areas where vehicles travel. For questions regarding this process, please contact the Gas Marketing office at 434-970-3812.

Regulatory Requirements

49 CFR 192.353: "Each Meter and Service Regulator...must be installed in a readily accessible location and be protected from corrosion and other damage, including...vehicular damage that may be anticipated."

State of Virginia Fire Prevention Code, Section 603.9: Gas Meters - "Above ground gas meters, regulators and piping subject to damage shall be protected by a barrier complying with Section 312 or otherwise protected in an approved manner."

State of Virginia Fire Prevention Code, Section 312: Vehicle Impact Protection-

312.1 General "Vehicle impact protection required by this code shall be provided by posts that comply with section 312.2 or by other approved physical barriers that comply with section 312.3."

312.2 Posts "Guard posts shall comply with all the following requirements:

1. Constructed of steel not less than 4 inches in diameter and concrete filled.

2. Spaced not more than 4 feet between posts on center.

3. Set not less than 3 feet deep in a concrete footing of not less than 15-inch diameter.

4. Set with the top of the posts not less than 3 feet above ground.

5. Located not less than 3 feet from the protected object.

312.3 Other Barriers "Physical barriers shall be a minimum of 36 inches in height and shall resist the force of 12,000 pounds applied 36 inches above the adjacent ground surface.