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Customer Owned Lines Notification

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Underground Gas Pipe Maintenance

Dear Customer:

This would apply to you if your fuel line (Shown in Red) is running underground (See Fig. 2) from our gas meter to a structure or a gas-burning appliance. As your natural gas distributor, the City of Charlottesville ("City") is giving notice of certain safety recommendations regarding your underground gas piping in accordance with federal regulations (49 CFR Part 192.16).

The City operates our gas system with an emphasis on safety. We are required to design, operate and maintain our underground natural gas pipeline system in accordance with the prescribed federal safety standards. The City does not maintain the gas piping from the gas meter to your house. This is the responsibility of the customer who owns that piping. If the buried pipe is not properly maintained it may be subject to corrosion (if the piping is metal) and/or leakage. Of course you can avoid underground corrosion by having your underground metal pipe(s) relocated aboveground (See Fig. 1) by a licensed plumber.

To ensure the continued safe and reliable operation of these lines, your buried piping (See Fig. 2) should be checked periodically for corrosion and leakage. You or your licensed plumber must determine this frequency. You (or the building owner) are advised to contact a licensed plumber or heating contractor to assist you in locating and inspecting your buried piping. If any unsafe condition is discovered, repairs should be made as soon as possible. The Yellow Pages and the internet are excellent sources for listings of licensed plumbers and heating contractors. 


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I encourage those customers who had buried piping beyond their gas meter, and have eliminated them to call me at (434) 970-3823 to be taken out of our database.

If you have questions regarding this notice, please give us a call at (434) 970-3800.


Christian Chirico, Regulatory Compliance Supervisor