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Flicker the Flame was born in the City of Charlottesville on May 22nd, 2007. Since birth, Flicker has been busy promoting gas safety at events around the city as a gas safety ambassador. Flicker also visits elementary schools and summer camps throughout Charlottesville and Albemarle County as part of the Flicker @ Your Classroom program. Flicker also helps spread the word about the many benefits of natural gas.

To learn more about the gas safety Flicker teaches click here.

Flicker's Profile:

 Name: Flicker the Flame  Height: 6' 5''  Weight: 143 lbs  Birthday: 5/22/2007
 Home: City of Charlottesville - Gas Department  Job: Gas Mascot
 Favorite Color: Blue  Favorite Song: "Act Naturally" - Beatles  Favorite Book: Flicker's Natural Gas Activity Book
 Pet Peeve: People not calling VA811 before they dig. It's a FREE service!!
 Hobby: Playing with children and teaching them about natural gas and gas safety.
 One thing about you everyone should know: I don't really SMELL! Gas companies add mercaptan to me to create the rotten-egg smell. The things I sacrifice for safety....
 Four words that accurately describe you: warm, safe, blue, reliable


Flicker activity book

Flicker @ Your Classroom Program

The City of Charlottesville gas division offers the Flicker @ Your Classroom program year round. Flicker visits elementary schools and summer camps in the City and Albemarle County to talk about natural gas safety. Topics of discussion in the presentation include:

  • History of natural gas
  • Natural gas distribution
  • The uses of natural gas
  • How to dig safely
  • How to recognize a gas leak
  • What to do if you smell gas
  • Additional topics can be incorporated to help address SOL requirements

Students will learn about natural gas through interactive and engaging activities. At the end, students will receive a certificate, button and Flicker's activity book.


This FREE program is available for grades K-5 at all local public and private schools and local summer camps in the City and Albemarle County. You can request a presentation by emailing Flicker at flicker@charlottesville.org or by contacting Gas Marketing at (434) 970-3686.

Flicker's Adventures

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