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Administration Division
The Department's Administration Division is responsible for planning, budgeting and fiscal management, program coordination and evaluation, personnel administration, and liaison with city, state, and federal government agencies and the local community. The Social Services Advisory Board, composed of nine citizens appointed by City Council, advises the Director on community needs and public concerns and reports annually to Council on social services needs and programs.

Benefits Division
The Benefits Division helps low income families and individuals meet basic needs for food, shelter and medical care. Its programs include SNAP, Medicaid, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, Employment Services, Child Day Care, and several others. Most programs provide temporary assistance while promoting self-support.

Family Services Division
The Family Services Division provides casework and case management services through federally- and state-mandated programs including Child Protective Services, Foster Care, Placement Prevention, and Adoption Services for Children, Adult Services and Adult Protective Services.

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