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Dual Services

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As a "constitutional officer" the City of Charlottesville's Sheriff serves at two levels of government.  The Sheriff provides to the State of Virginia services through the civil process of legal papers and provides inmate transportation to and from state supported jails, courts etc.  The Sheriff also serves the local government through courthouse security, the jury selection process, transportation of inmates, and transportation of mental patients for the Charlottesville Police Department through a cooperative arrangement.

Because of the dual nature of the elected office, the State of Virginia reimburses the City of Charlottesville for most of the salaries and expenses of the Sheriff's Office.  Payroll, office expenses, costs of uniforms, and equipment are processed through the City of Charlottesville general operating budget, but are reimbursed through the State Compensation Board in Richmond.

The four Constitutional Officers brought in approximately four million dollars to the City's General Operating Budget last year.  The Sheriff's Office provided another $8,000 to $10,000 in revenue generating fees.

The Sheriff appoints Deputies.  They serve at the pleasure of the Sheriff; whose is the only elected law enforcement officer in the State of Virginia.  The deputies' law enforcement training is mandated by the Code of Virginia state and is strictly monitored.

In recent years, due to the very heavy court case dockets in both the City of Charlottesville General District Court (Judge Downer) and Circuit Court (Judge Hogshire), the Charlottesville City Council has appropriated additional funding for more deputy positions, overtime costs, and uniforms expenses.  These positions are completely funded by city taxpayers.  These deputies provide for courthouse security, safer prisoner transportation, and cell monitoring.

Community safety, prisoner security, and courthouse personnel safety are the highest priority of the City of Charlottesville Sheriff's Office.