Public Utilities

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Water Distribution, Wastewater Collection and Natural Gas Distribution

Photo of Charlottesville Gas crew installing C.I.P.P.

Photo of Charlottesville Gas truck

2015 Utility Rate Report

2015 Summary of Rates

The Public Utilities Division of the City of Charlottesville is responsible for providing water, collecting wastewater, and distributing natural gas to our community. The Division is also responsible for utility line locating through Miss Utility, and meter reading in cooperation with the Utility Billing Office. We are committed to excellence in service to the community, the City and our neighbors. Please take a closer look at each of the services we offer you.

  • Charlottesville Gas: Natural Gas Distribution - We supply gas to over 19,000 customers in the City and urban areas of Albemarle County. We have been providing affordable and efficient energy for over 150 years, and safety is our top priority.

  • Charlottesville Water: Waste Water Collection - We maintain the 163 miles of the City's sanitary sewer lines. The system collects the wastewater from residential areas and businesses, transporting it to the Moore's Creek Treatment Plant.