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Thank you for participating in our free bi-weekly recycling program!
We are excited to provide you with a 95-gallon cart for your recyclables.

Did you just move in and need a recycling cart? Fill out a cart request.



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Recycling Cart



  • Carts will be serviced every other week, on your regular trash day.
  • Click here for the comprehensive and updated trash & recycling guidelines.
  • If you have other questions:

List of recyclable items

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 Not sure about what how to recycle other household items? Check out Better World Betty for some Green tips.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How often will my cart be serviced?

Your cart will be serviced bi-weekly (every other week) on the same day of the week. It will coincide with your trash pickup day.

2. Where should I place the new cart on my pick up day?

Carts should be placed at the end of your driveway or at the curb with a 3 to 4 foot clearance from mailboxes, poles, and lampposts.

3. Can I request a smaller cart?

Yes, please fill out an online form. Please note that you can only make an adjustment once.

  • While we have other cart sizes available, we have found that the 95-gallon cart is the most suitable size for most families. Remember that during holiday weeks or other special events, you may have more recycling than other weeks. Everything needs to fit LOOSELY with the lid closed.
  • If you have physical limitations or you are absolutely sure that you would like to switch to a smaller size (we can only guarantee one switch per household) - please fill out this form and leave your unwanted cart in an accessible location.

4. Can I get more than one cart if I would like to recycle a higher volume?

Yes, but only if you already have one 95-gallon cart. Let us know.

5. How much will it cost me?

Recycling service is free for curbside eligible residents living in a building with 4 units or less.

6. I live in a house shared by multiple tenants. Will we each get a cart?

Yes, you can each receive a cart if you choose to, or you can share. Let us know.

7. I live in an apartment complex with a dumpster. Will I get a cart?

No, only residents who already receive curbside refuse collection services are eligible for the program. If you have questions about your building’s refuse collection policies, contact your building association.

8. My road is currently not maintained by the City of Charlottesville. Can this be changed?

Prior to a street being accepted for city maintenance, residents must bring their trash to the nearest
City street for collection. Streets must meet City specs before being accepted for maintenance. Contact your developer for more information.

9. What do you do with the recycled items?

Once collected, the material will become the property of County Waste, and they are hauled to recyclable processing facilities around the state and region. The materials are then baled or otherwise processed and sold as a commodity. Per their contract, County Waste is required to ensure that all recyclable items be recycled and that the processing facilities used do not mix single-stream recyclable items with non-single-stream items when sorting the materials.

10. What is the meaning of single-stream? I thought it meant you could combine trash and recycling.

The EPA’s definition of single-stream collection is allowing residents to combine all recyclable items (not trash). Certain companies may use the term in different ways, but we have found that separating trash from recyclables yields a higher volume of recycled materials (due to lower levels of contamination). For more information:

11. Why don’t you accept plastic bags?

We have found that the plastic bags tend to take flight out of the trucks while we dump your container and we do not want to pollute the neighborhoods we drive through. We suggest returning plastic bags to your local Grocery store who will recycle them for you.

12. Why don’t you accept lids and caps?
Even though the caps and lids may say they are recyclable it is not an item we accept as recyclable. Small caps and lids such as soda caps or jar lids are so small they get stuck in the machines that sort the recycling and cause damage. If you have a lid the size of a cool whip container or larger it is ok to put it in your recycling cart.

13. What can I do with the items you don’t accept?

Helpful information from Rivanna Solid Waste Authority:

Helpful information from Better World Betty:

14. Do you have a composting program?

For information about our composting program - visit our website: