Currently Adopted Streets

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  • Fontaine Avenue between Maury Avenue & Westerly Avenue
  • Harris Road between the Willoughby Entrance & Lide Place
  • Carlton Road between Monticello Avenue & Market Street
  • 9th Street Southwest between Cherry Avenue & Entrance to Buford School
  • Service Road across from Cleveland Avenue on 5th Street Extended
  • Henry Avenue (all)
  • High Street between Long Street & Monticello Avenue
  • JPA between Main Street & Harris Road
  • Stribling Avenue - JPA to the railroad crossing
  • Sunset Avenue - JPA to the creek
  • Rose Hill between Preston & Rugby Avenue
  • Carlton Avenue
  • River Road between Long Street & Locust Avenue
  • Altavista Avenue to Monticello Avenue
  • Monticello Avenue between Elliott Avenue & Bolling Avenue
  • Lankford Avenue between 1st Street and Ridge Street
  • 1st Street between Elliott Avenue and Lankford Avenue
  • Cleveland Avenue from JPA Extended to Cherry Avenue
  • Melbourne Road from Park Street to Kenwood Lane