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General Adopt-a-Street Conditions

  1. Selected City-maintained streets will be eligible for adoption.  Eligible sections will be selected by the Director of Public Works, or an appointed representative.  Those sections determined unsafe will not be eligible for adoption.

  2. The City of Charlottesville reserves the right to deny adoption requests by any group, individual of business based on any one of the following criteria:

    1. Safety of the participants, passing motorists or City employees.
    2. Expense above the normal Adopt-a-Street program expense.
    3. Effectiveness of the litter control by the participants.
    4. Streets that have been deemed ineligible for adoption by the Director of Public Works for whatever reason.

  3. Litter pickup will be done on both sides of the street four times a year, or more often if deemed necessary by the Director of Public Works.

  4. Local community organizations, such as civic, social or school groups, and businesses will be allowed to adopt streets, as will individuals 18 years or older.  Participants must have approved applications on file with the Public Service Division.

    Only the name of the adopting group or individual will be displayed on the sign.  No slogans, logos, advertisements, or phrases other than the Adopt-a-Street promotion will be allowed on the sign.

  5. Businesses that wish to sponsor groups may do so; the business name will go on the sign in block letters.  No business slogans or logos will be allowed.

  6. Participants are required to adopt for a minimum of two years.

  7. Participants must hold meetings at least twice a year to review safety and other guidelines.  No participant may be involved in a litter pickup unless he/she has attended at least one such meeting a year.

  8. The City of Charlottesville will supply participants with safety information, plastic trash bags, safety vests and two (2) traffic control warning signs stating “CLEANUP CREW WORKING”.

    The materials will be picked up from the Public Service Division office during working hours (7:00 A.M. – 3:30 P.M.), Monday through Friday, the week before the pickup.  The two (2) traffic-control warning signs should be returned to the Public Service Division the following week.

  9. If participants cannot dispose of the filled trash bags, pickup can be scheduled with the Public Service Division office by calling 434-970-3830 or emailing

  10. Participants are encouraged to separate and recycle appropriate materials for their benefit.

  11. Signs noting the program and the participants will be installed as close to the beginning of the adopted section(s) (one in each direction) as deemed feasible by the City Traffic Engineer or an appointed representative.  Diamond-shaped orange and black traffic control warning signs stating:  “CLEANUP CREW WORKING” will be displayed only during the hours the “CLEANUP” is actually taking place.

  12. The City of Charlottesville will bear the cost of producing, installing, and maintaining the signs.  The participants will be responsible for placing the diamond-shaped orange and black traffic controls signs in highly visible locations (in each direction), so as not to impede traffic and/or pedestrian movement. At the beginning of the adopted section of the street(s) before starting the pickup and removing them immediately after its completion.

    The City of Charlottesville will furnish the diamond-shaped orange and black traffic control warning signs stating: “CLEAN-UP CREW WORKING” and the apparatus to which they are to be attached.  These signs, along with the sign holding apparatus are to be returned to the City’s Public Service Division the week following the “CLEAN-UP.”  Failure to comply with this condition will result in the participant being permanently removed from the City’s Adopt-a- Street Program and /or billed for un-returned items.

  13. The City of Charlottesville will monitor the program.  The Assistant Public Service Chief, or someone assigned by them, will be the contact person for the adopting groups.  An adoption can be terminated if the work of the participating group or individual interferes with traffic, is considered unsafe, is inadequate for effective litter control, is inconsistent with the Adopt-a-Street program, or if the City decides to end the Adopt-a-Street program.

  14. After each pickup, participants will file reports detailing the number of people involved, number of bags of litter picked up, hours spent, etc.  Pre-printed forms will be furnished by the Public Service Division for making the reports, which will be filed with the Public Service Division office.  Records on the program will be kept by the Public Service Division, which will also serve as the information-clearing house for interest groups/media inquiries.

  15. Participants will be encouraged to schedule two of their four pickups in April and October to coincide with the statewide cleanups for Historic Garden Week and Recycling Month, respectively. 

  16. Groups with members less than 15 years of age must be supervised by adults 18 years or older.  There will be one adult per eight under-age group members.  Large groups should be divided into teams of eight or fewer members.  Each team should stay on one side of the road facing the traffic.

  17. The City of Charlottesville reserves the right to revise the conditions as needed.