Risk Management

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The City's Risk Management directs strategic planning, provides operational control and establishes rules, policies and procedures to accomplish risk management goals related to employee and workplace safety, loss control, claims, insurance and self-insurance program objectives.

Mission Statement:

To protect the employees and assets of the City of Charlottesville from loss and damage and provide effective, proactive risk management.

Program Goals:

  • Minimize or eliminate the conditions and practices that cause loss and damage.

  • Provide guidance, direction, oversight and coordination of a City-wide risk management program.

  • Provide effective, proactive loss prevention programs, policies and procedures and to ensure compliance with OSHA standards.



Question: How do I file a claim for damages against the City? 

Answer: If you believe the City has caused personal injury or property damage, you may file a claim by downloading and completing the Incident Report Form, or by writing a letter stating the date, time and place of the alleged loss, and a brief description of the circumstances. You should include the names and telephone numbers of any witnesses, and copies of documents which support your claim for damages (estimates of damage, medical bills, police incident report, etc.). The letter should also contain your name, address and daytime telephone number.

Mail the claim letter to: Risk Management Specialist, City of Charlottesville, 325 4th Street, NW, Charlottesville, VA 22903. Telephone Number: 434-970-3862.

Question: What happens when I file a claim?

Answer: The claim letter and supporting documentation will be reviewed by the City’s Risk Management Specialist and the City’s insurance carrier. You will be contacted by a claims adjuster. The City's policy, supported by state law, is to approve only those claims in which the City is negligent in some way. If we were to do otherwise, the City is likely to find itself paying thousands of dollars in claims on a "voluntary" basis for accidents which result from an act of God, through no person's fault, or from acts or omissions of some private person.

Question: My car was damaged when it hit a big pothole. Can I file a claim for that?

Answer: The City generally is not responsible for damage caused by "acts of nature" (i.e., storms, weather damage, cracks in sidewalks, potholes in roadways, flood damage) unless the City has been given notice that a hazard exists and does not repair the damage in a reasonable period of time. We recommend filing a claim under your auto insurance policy.

If you have a question regarding Risk Management, please contact the Risk Management Specialist at 434-970-3862 or via email at riskmgmt@charlottesville.org