Garden Volunteers

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Whether you are an individual, business, school, civic or social group -- you can help with a variety of maintenance activities in our parks, school grounds, trails and cemeteries.  In the past year, volunteers have assisted us in countless ways, including: grading, planting and mulching at the new Greenleaf rain garden; cleaning out invasive species from Meadowcreek and Greenleaf Parks; resealing the Tonsler Park wooden playground; spreading playground or trail mulch at several schools and parks; rebuilding the benches at Forest Hills Park; and collecting trash and debris from many sites and stream sections across the City.

Volunteers are valued partners in the Parks and Recreation Department!  No experience is necessary for many tasks and all tools, work gloves and supplies are provided.

For additional information, contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 434-970-3260 or via email at