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Buford School 
As part of the Fifeville neighborhood, Buford Middle School serves all 7th and 8th grade students in the city.  Located at 617 9th St., SW, Buford School has extensive flowerbeds, including a memorial garden that is maintained by staff and students.  Adjacent to the school is the Smith Recreation Center, which is currently under reconstruction.  For more information about the recreation center, call (434) 977-1960.

Burnley-Moran School 
One of six elementary schools serving K - 4th grade, Burnley-Moran is located at 1300 Long Street in the Locust Avenue neighborhood.  Burnley-Moran has age-appropriate playgrounds, a large hill slide, as well as large playing fields that are used extensively by neighbors after school hours. 

Charlottesville High School 
Charlottesville High School (CHS) serves the public school students of Charlottesville from 9th to 12th grade.  It is located at 1400 Melbourne Road, in the Greenbrier neighborhood.  The grounds include memorial gardens, a running track, ball fields, landscaped courtyards and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Performing Arts Center.

Clark School 
Cark school can be found in the historic neighborhood of Belmont at 1000 Belmont Avenue.  Among the prominent features of the school landscape is a very large and lovely American Elm tree, located at the top of the stairs that face onto Monticello Avenue.  Prized as street trees throughout the eastern United States, the American Elm graced our city streets until Dutch Elm disease wiped out virtually all of the trees by the mid-1970's.  Be sure to look for the tree when you are in the neighborhood.

Greenbrier School 
Located at 2228 Greenbrier Drive, Greenbrier Elementary is with in walking distance of Meadow Creek and has a beautiful pond in the landscaped courtyard and a small rain garden at the rear of the school.  The grounds also feature several playgrounds, a practice ball field and basketball courts.

Jackson-Via School 
Jackson-Via Elementary School is located at 508 Harris Road, in the Fry Springs neighborhood.  Jackson-Via has extensive playground equipment as well as a lovely nature trail that loops through the small urban forest at the back of the property. 

Johnson School 
Situated in Johnson Village, the grounds of Johnson Elementary School offers the surrounding community a number of venues for playing and relaxing.  These include an outdoor amphitheater, a large playing field, large shade trees, and extensive trail system."

Venable School 
Venable Elementary School is a welcome oasis of green space and gardens in a very urban neighborhood.  Located at 406 14th Street, NW, Venable staff and students have a variety of spaces that they maintain, including the Nancy B. Newman habitat garden which is designed to attract birds, butterflies and other critters; the "Monticello" garden; and numerous classroom gardens that are in raised beds.  Students plant and grow everything from beans to zinnias, as well as playing on two playgrounds (one for K - 2nd grade, and one for 3rd to 4th grade students) and a large playing field on the lower level.

Walker Middle School 
Walker School serves the 5th and 6th grade public school students in Charlottesville.  Located in the Greenleaf neighborhood at 1564 Dairy Road, Walker has a fitness trail, playing field, basketball courts and a nature trail that winds from behind the Crow Recreation Center all the way to neighboring Greenleaf Park