Youth Aquatic courses

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Youth classes/course [Ages 5 - 17]

In 2009 the American Red Cross made some significant changes to their swimming and water safety programs. The goal is to improve teaching methods for swimming and diving by distributing swim skills throughout the levels, the addition of new Preschool Aquatics program with 3 levels to better meet the developmental needs of younger children and the latest techniques and biomechanics from USA Diving and USA Swimming. The American Red Cross has committed its programs to improve water safety education in our communities with topics such as sun safety, water safety around the home and water safety in different environments [water parks, lakes and rivers].

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Skills Taught

Level 1

Intro to Water Skills

[45 min]

Ages: 6 – 17 years

No prerequisite required. Learn basic personal water safety information & skills, help participants feel comfortable in the water. Learn elementary aquatic skills and develop good attitudes about swimming, good swimming habits & safe water practices.

Level 2

Fundamental Water Skills

[45 min]

Ages: 6 – 17 years

Level 1 certificate required. Goal is to give participants success with fundamental skills. Learn to float without support & recover to vertical position, beginning of locomotion skills. Explore simultaneous & alternating arm & leg action on front & back.

Level 3

Stoke Development

[45 min]

Ages: 6 – 17 years

Level 2 certificate required. Learn survival float, the elementary backstroke & coordinate the front crawl. Introduce scissors kick, dolphin kick, and fundamentals of treading water. Learn rules for headfirst entries, begin water headfirst entries from side of pool.

Level 4

Stroke Improvement

[45 min]

Ages: 6 – 17 years

Level 3 certificate required. Develop confidence in the strokes and improve other aquatic skills. Increase endurance by swimming familiar strokes, build upon the scissor kick & dolphin kick by adding the arms for sidestroke & butterfly. Back crawl & breast stroke

Level 5

Stroke Refinement

[45 min]

Ages: 6 – 17 years

Level 4 certificate required. Coordinate and refine strokes. Refine their performance of all strokes – front & back crawl, butterfly, breaststroke, elementary backstroke & sidestroke and increase distances. Flip turns on front & back introduced.

Level 6

Fitness Swimmer

[45 min]

Ages: 6 – 17 years

Level 5 certificate required. Refine strokes to swim with more ease, efficiency, power & smoothness over greater distances.


Tips to help you and your child succeed at swim lessons:

Attend all classes and arrive on time

Sign up for the appropriate level

Questions, concerns or comments should be directed to your instructor; instructors generally have a few minutes between classes but appointments can be made to discuss important matters

Students learn at different speeds, always applaud every accomplishment, it is essential that the student has a fun experience in class

Repeating the same level is perfectly acceptable