Bicycle & Pedestrian Counts

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Pedestrian Counter "PED3" at its former location in Riverview Park.

Note how much sidewalk traffic on the southbound (JPJ) side of Emmet spikes on event days.


Pedestrian Counters Around Town

During the Summer of 2016, the City of Charlottesville has installed three new pedestrian counters. They are housed in unobtrusive gray boxes like the one at Riverview Park (shown left), so keep a close eye out for them. They're already telling us interesting things about how (and when) people use paths and trails. See for yourself:


Emmet Street:
Report (Sept 22 - Jan 9)
Daily Data | Hourly Data (Sept 22 - Jan 9)
Report (July 27 - Sept 14)
Daily Data (Jul 27-Sept 21)
Hourly Data (August 31- Sept 21)
Hourly Data | Daily Data
(July 7 - August 31,2016)

John Warner Parkway Multi-modal Trail
Report (Sept 29 - Jan 9)
Daily Data | Hourly Data

CHS to McIntire Park
Report (Aug 31 - Sept 21)
Daily Data (Jul 31- Sept 21)
Hourly Data (Aug 31 - Sept 21)

Report | 15-Min Data | Daily Data
(July 1 - August 16, 2016)

Sprint Pavilion to Belmont Bridge:
Report | Raw Data (Jun 6 - Jul 18) 

Riverview Park
Report | Raw Data (Jun 9 - Jul 26) 



Bike Counters on West Main Street

In order to measure bicycle traffic on West Main Street, one of the primary corridors linking the Downtown Mall and the University, Charlottesville has installed two portable counters on the bridge by the Amtrak station. The counters have been tracking bicycle flow since May 2015, and have recorded well over 50,000 bicycles. Use the links below to access reports and raw data we've collected. Also available are charts showing bicycle trips with respect to daily temperature and precipitation data from the Charlottesville Albemarle Regional Airport (click on image below).



The highest daily traffic was 482 bicycles (August 28, 2015), but averages are closer to 260 bicycles/day for the entire period analyzed (May through January).

The busiest days of the week are Wednesdays, with traffic dropping significantly on the weekends.

Weekday bicycle traffic peaks happen shortly before 8 am and 5 pm, indicating commuter use. On weekends, there are no peaks but a steady climb in traffic and then plateau at 10 am.

Most bicyclists using the corridor are westbound (towards the University) in the morning and eastbound (towards the Downtown Mall) in the evening.

The volume of bike traffic is strongly and inversely correlated with rain and snowfall and by temperature, beyond certain thresholds of hot or cold (above 90 deg. F., and below 40 deg. F., approximately). However, some "hardcore"  bicyclists are still recorded in almost any weather conditions.

Bicycle traffic also significantly increases when the University of Virginia is in session, indicating a large University student, staff, and faculty bicyclist population.