Parking Changes

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Proposing a Parking Change

To propose a change of use for specific on-street parking spaces, print the Petition for Change to Public Parkingword icon, fill it out, and mail to the address below.

To propose for handicap parking at residence, print the Petition for Handicap Parking at Residenceword icon, fill it out in addition to the Petition for Change to Public Parkingword icon above, and mail both forms to this address: 

Neighborhood Development Services
City of Charlottesville
Attn: Traffic Engineering
P.O. Box 911
Charlottesville, VA 22902


Parking Requests Posted for Comment


Below are the parking change proposals currently posted for public comment and the last day for comment:



Request ID   


  Proposed Change

Last Day for


Parking Decision

PC-621 Rugby Rd/Winston Rd  No Parking  6/3/2019   Decision
PC-622  1309 Main St W   2 Hour/ADA 6/4/2019  Decision
 PC-623 1111 Main St W  2 Hour  6/4/2019   Decision 
 PC-624 Druid Ave  Loading Zone  6/11/2019  Decision
 PC-625 4th St NE    Law Enforcement Parking 8/5/2019   Decision
 PC-626 834 Estes St  Public Parking  8/12/2019  Decision 
 PC-627 1021 King St No Parking  8/15/2019  Decision 
 PC-612 Robertson Ln.  No Parking   7/29/2019 Decision
 PC-628  1023 Grove St Handicap Space  8/27/2019  Decision 
PC-629  301 Monte Vista Ave  Handicap Space 9/20/2019   Decision
 PC-630 7th St NE First Pres Church Extend Drop off Zone   9/24/2019 Decision 
 PC-631 7th St NE First Pres Church  Drop Off to Public Parking  10/17/2019   
 PC-632 Across from 701 E Water St  No Parking (Construction)  10/18/2019   
 PC-633  7 1/2 St SW  Public to Handicap Space 10/23/2019   




If you have questions or comments on a parking change that has already been proposed, please email mail icon or call (434) 970-3329.