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Listed are many common questions regarding traffic safety which we are asked on a regular basis.  This series was started by a traffic engineer from Rapid City, South Dakota, edited by the City of Counsil Bluffs, IA, and finally updated to meet the needs of the City of Charlottesville and its residents. We hope that you find this information useful!

  1.    Why are our signs so high? 
  2.    How do traffic signals work? 
  3.    Won't a traffic signal reduce crashes at our intersection?
  4.    What are the warrants for installing a traffic signal? 
  5.    Why aren't there stripes on the road? When is my street going to be striped?
  6.    What does that arrow signal mean?
  7.    What do all those traffic engineering abbreviations mean? 
  8.    Why aren't there pedestrian signals at all intersections? What do they mean?
  9.    What is the harm in installing an unwarranted traffic control device?
10.    Why can't we have a 4-way stop to reduce accidents and/or speeding?
11.    What can a pedestrian do to reduce pedestrian accidents?
12.    Who do I call to report a traffic problem?
13.    Won't speed bumps slow traffic on our streets?
14.    Won't a 'CHILDREN AT PLAY' sign help protect our kids?
15.    People cross the street here - why can't we get a striped crosswalk?
16.    Does the City install 'DEAF CHILD' signs?
17.    Why are there intersections without traffic control devices?

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