Charlottesville Affordable Housing Fund

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Notice of Funding Availability

The City of Charlottesville is accepting applications from qualified applicants for Fiscal Year 2020 Charlottesville Affordable Housing Fund (CAHF) funding awards.

Approximately $792,000 of CAHF funding is available for award during this application period.  The application packet outlining who is eligible to apply for funding, the types of projects the CAHF supports, and application instructions can be accessed HERE.

Funding applications are due no later than 4 pm, July 18, 2019.


About the CAHF

The Charlottesville Affordable Housing Fund (CAHF) was established in 2007 by the City of Charlottesville to provide a flexible funding mechanism for housing-related projects.  The primary purpose of the CAHF is to provide financial resources to address the affordable housing needs of individuals and families who live or work in the City by promoting, preserving and producing quality, long-term affordable housing options; providing housing related services to low-income and moderate-income households; and providing support for non-profit and for profit organizations that actively address the affordable housing needs of low- and moderate-income households.

The CAHF receives annual appropriations through the City of Charlottesville's Capital Improvement Program budgeting process with additional funding through developer cash contributions through the City's Affordable Dwelling Unit Ordinance, voluntary cash contributions made through developer proffers, and repayment of loans made through the CAHF. Since the fund's inception, the Charlottesville City Council has committed more than $20 million towards affordable housing in the City.

Annual Allocations to the CAHF

Fiscal Year   CIP Appropriation
 2008  $1,750,000
 2009  $1,400,000
 2010  $1,000,000
 2011  $1,200,000
 2012  $1,410,000
 2013  $760,000
 2014  $1,528,154
 2015  $1,569,322
 2016  $1,569,322
 2017  $1,699,602
 2018  $2,499,602
 2019 $3,399,304 
 2020 $800,000 
 Total  $20,585,206


How to Request Funding

The City utilizes a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) process, with applications for CAHF funding being accepted JUNE - JULY with funds awarded in SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER.

Additional rounds may be offered pending funding availability.

Off-cycle funding requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis in consultation with the City's Housing Program Coordinator.

A copy of the current NOFA materials can be accessed HERE.

Types of Projects Funded

Eligible uses of CAHF funds include, but are not limited to:

  • Land acquisition and assembly;
  • Land development;
  • Pre-development expenses ;
  • Construction of supported affordable homeowner or rental housing units;
  • Construction of mixed-income communities;
  • Increasing housing accessibility and/or visibility; OR
  • Homeowner or rental property rehabilitation.

For a more details about eligible uses of CAHF funding, please refer to Housing Policy 1.

Questions regarding this fund should be directed to John Sales at 434-970-3315 or via email at