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Ridge Street Historic District

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Ridge Street Historic District

 Ridge Street District was listed on the National Register in 1982, and was added to the Virginia Landmarks Register in 1981 and updated in 2003.

Ridge StreetOriginally part of Alexander Garrett’s Oak Hill estate in Albemarle County, Ridge Street neighborhood began to develop in 1840. In the 1870-80’s Ridge Street was the primary residential street of Charlottesville’s wealthy merchants and other business owners and their families, as well as the African-American domestic community. The street’s two diverse communities associated regularly. With suburban expansion, many families chose to sell or rent their City homes, and many homes in this area were demolished or converted to apartments. In 1973 Ridge Street was realigned with 5th Street, dividing the neighborhood and destroying eleven houses.

Many of the large historic residences are currently being converted back to single family use, because of their historic character, and the convenient location within walking distance of downtown and the University, as well as the growing popularity of other nearby areas such as West Main Street and Belmont.

The Ridge Street Historic District was nominated as part of a Multiple Resource nomination form that allows numerous historic resources related to a theme or locality to be considered for Virginia Landmarks Register and National Register of Historic Places listing at the same time.  In the nomination form below, go to page 16 for the beginning of the Ridge Street nomination data.

Ridge Street Historic District National Register Nomination Form

Historic District Map

The Ridge Street Historic District is also a local Architectural Design Control District.  For more information on ADC districts, click here.