Town Hall/ Levy Opera House

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Charlottesville's First Performing Arts Center

Erected by private interests in 1852 as a town hall, this building also served as an auditorium hosting traveling plays and musical events featuring performers such as opera singer Jenny Lind. It was also used by other organizations such as Charlottesville’s first Roman Catholic Church, which began here. During the Civil War, it served as a hospital (for wounded soldiers transported here via the railroad) and a place where confederate uniforms were stitched together. In 1888, Jefferson Monroe Levy, a Jewish man who owned Monticello, remodeled it to seat 800 and named it the Levy Opera House. In 1981, Hedgerow Corporation Henderson Heyward architect renovated it to accommodate office space. The original site and the area to the north were known as the Battery, a parade ground for military drills and recreation. In March 1865, Federal troops used it during the occupation of the city and General Phillip Sheridan had his headquarters just north on Park Street.  

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 Town Hall/ Opera House marker on 350 Park Street


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