Historic Court Square Fountain

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During the late 1800s, the City of Charlottesville installed four watering fountains in the downtown area. The fountains were designed to provide water to the citizens, their horses, and other domestic animals. Water was provided by the City Water System and fed through four fish-like features to the upper bowl. The overflow then filled the lower trough for the smaller animals. A fountain similar to this once stood in front of the courthouse on Jefferson Street and was removed at the time the Monticello Hotel was built in 1926. Through combined efforts of the Charlottesville Volunteer Fire Company and the City of Charlottesville, this fountain, one of the original four, was restored to this location in November 2004.

Court sq Fountain 1  Court Sq Fountain 2
 Court Square Fountain marker in the sidewalk on 6th Street in Court Square


historic fountain map