Early Hotels

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Dining, Dancing, and the Mall

The Eagle Tavern opened here sometime prior to 1791 with its large public room that could feed 200 people, the hotel was the primary place for public dances and potential celebrations. Traveling peddlers sold products on its long porch during monthly court days. Baptist minister William P Farish had already developed a stage coach line in 1845 when he purchased the property and erected this building in 1854. The Farish House Hotel soon thereafter became a major stagecoach stop. After the Civil War, federal occupying forces used it as a headquarters for two years. Just to the west of this property is a building erected in 1926 as the Monticello Hotel where once stood the Jefferson Hotel, a post office, a shoe and book shop, and a drugstore owned by James Barclay (who owned Monticello from 1831-1836). One room has been used by the Widow’s Sun Lodge of Freemasons and another contained a grocery run by an African American named Edmunds.

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