Historic Resources Committee Bus Posters

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Fry's Bus Thumb

Fry's Spring Service Station:
Fill 'Er Up! Fry's Spring Service Station operated between 1931 and 2009. The building is Colonial/Spanish Revival with Jeffersonian details.



Amtrak - Bus

Charlottesville's Union Station:
All Aboard! Charlottesville's Union Station has welcomed visitors since 1885 - including President Teddy Roosevelt in 1902.



Inges Bus Thumb

Inge's Grocery Store:
Super Market. George P. Inge, a former slave, opened Inge's Grocery Store in 1891 and hosted Booker T. Washington in the family home above the store.



Jail - Thumb

The Old Jail:
Jailhouse Rock. Convicted of murder, Mayor of Charlottesville J. Samuel McCue was executed here in 1905: the last legal hanging in Virginia. The jail operated from 1876-1974.



Dolly Bus Thumb

The Dolly Madison Inn:
Get a Room... Or a new car, or gas or lunch. West Main Street was once home to 3 hotels, 6 automobile dealers, 12 service stations, 10 grocery stores, and 3 miniature golf courses!



Lee Park Bus Thumb

Lee Park:
Gift Horse. Lee Park is just over one acre and was donated to the city in 1917 by Paul Goodloe McIntire. The statue of Robert E. Lee on his horse, Traveller, is exactly 1 2/3 life-size and was completed in 1924.



Sacajawea Bus

Sacajawea, Lewis, and Clark Statue:
She's Shown. Shoshone guide, Sacajawea, was included in the statue of locals, Lewis and Clark. Given by Paul Goodloe McIntire, sculpted by Charles Keck in 1921.



Swan Bus

Swan Tavern:
Jack be Quick. Jack Jouett resided at his father's Swan Tavern. Jouett rode forty miles to warn Governor Thomas Jefferson and members of the General Assembly of the approach of the British.While his overnight ride allowed most to escape to Staunton, Daniel Boone and six other Assembly members were captured and detained for several days.