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New Court Square Markers - The Rest of the Story

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The Historic Resources Committee is in the process of redesigning historic markers for Court Square.



Vinegar Hill Temporary Markers

Vinegar Hill Park: A Temporary Exhibit presented by City’s Historic Resources Committee

On December 5, 2016, Council designated a portion of the west end of the Downtown Mall as Vinegar Hill Park and charged the HRC with developing interpretative and wayfinding signage for the park. In 2018, with the planning and subsequent construction of the CODE Building, the HRC decided to delay the installation of any permanent signage until the building is completed and the disturbed sections of the mall are repaired. In the interim, the HRC approached the developer of the CODE Building about locating informational posters on the construction barricade, an idea that was positively received. These posters, intended as a temporary exhibit, attempt to tell the story of Vinegar Hill. The name Vinegar Hill likely originated with immigrants who occupied this area in the early to mid-1800s. By the late 1800s, Vinegar Hill emerged as vibrant, multicultural community and into the 20th century established itself as a commercial, social, residential, political, educational, and spiritual center for Charlottesville’s African American residents. The neighborhood’s vitality, constantly challenged by segregation and the era of Jim Crow, was ultimately destroyed by Urban Renewal in the 1960s.. Vinegar Hill’s residences and commercial buildings were razed, dispersing many of the  residents to public housing projects and closing the doors of many of the black-owned businesses. This temporary exhibit highlights the story of the Vinegar Hill neighborhood - a place rich in history and community and central to the story of Charlottesville. We look forward to honoring the story of this place in a more permanent way with the creation of Vinegar Hill Park.

Street Signs

Pedestrian Street Signs Historic Neighborhood


Look for a new series of brown street signs in historic neighborhoods throughout the city as well as new, color-coded pedestrian signs at major intersections!

Corner Marker  (Bibliography for Images)

The Corner Marker




Audio Tour of Downtown Charlottesville

Audio Tour Charlottesville


Note: The previous link to the City’s Audio Tour site was compromised; we regret any inconvenience. The Wordpress link above will take you to the correct web page ( The phone number was not compromised and is still correct. All the blue signs at the Audio Tour sites are being replaced with new orange signs that contain this Historic Resources Committee web address, and a smart code that will take you directly to our Wordpress web site. We hope you will continue to enjoy this Audio Tour!


Historic Charlottesville Bus Posters 

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Learn about Charlottesville history as you ride around town! Check out these bus posters in the Downtown Transit Station, inside the Trolley buses, and on the outside of CAT buses around the city.


Drewery Bridge Markers

 Drewery Bridge Main Plaque



Ridge Street Railroad Bridge

Ridge Street Railroad Bridge


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