North Downtown ADC District

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 North Downtown ADC District


North Downtown ADC District





The North Downtown ADC District was the first local historic district, created in 1959 in the Court Square area, and was this called the ADC District.  it was expanded in 1976 and again in 2006.  All properties within the Charlottesville/Albemarle County Courthouse National Register Historic District are protected on the local level by the Downtown and North Downtown ADC Districts. The North Downtown ADC district includes properties along Park Street, Jefferson Street, High Street, Court Square, 1st and 2nd Streets.

Encompassing the Albemarle County Courthouse and laid out according to the 1762 town grid, the area now known as North Downtown served as the city’s first civic, religious, and commercial center. Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe and James Madison were frequent visitors to the Court Square area. Park Street residences built in the late eighteenth century for lawyers, judges and other professionals still retain their architectural integrity. Today, this district represents the socio-economic and architectural evolution of the original town.North Downtown ADC-Windows

In 1744, Albemarle County was carved out of Goochland County.  Albemarle’s county seat was moved from Scott’s Landing (present day Scottsville) to Charlottesville in 1761 as a result of the county’s boundary reductions. A year later in 1762 Charlottesville was created by an act of the General Assembly.  The new town was laid out adjacent to the existing Albemarle courthouse.  The area was mostly settled by Charlottesville’s early lawyers, doctors, and merchants.  

North Downtown ADC-LanternCharlottesville’s growth was triggered by the founding of the University of Virginia as well as transportation improvements including the installation of the first railroad.  The late 19th century saw continued growth in the industrial sector of town as well as in land annexations. 

North Downtown is part of an historic district on the National Register of Historic Places and the Virginia Landmarks Register more information on the  Charlottesville/Albemarle County Courthouse National Register Historic District can be found here.



Additions to Original North Downtown and Downtown ADC Boundaries

  • pdf iconSECTION 1: Introduction; Historical and Architectural Significance
  • pdf iconSECTION 2: Altamont Circle
  • pdf iconSECTION 3: Altamont Street
  • pdf iconSECTION 4: West High Street; Lyons Court; McIntire Road; Walker St.; North 1st St.
  • pdf iconSECTION 5: 2nd Street, NE; 2nd Street, NW
  • pdf iconSECTION 6: 3rd Street, NE; 4th Street, NE; Avon Street; 4th Street, SE

 Charlottesville/Albemarle County Courthouse National Register Nomination