BMP Inspection Program

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Annual Stormwater BMP Inspection Program!!


Neighborhood Development Services Engineering Division continues to maintain the annual Best Management Practices (BMP) Inspection program as part of City's Virginia Stormwater Municipal Permit requirements. 


What is a BMP?

BMPs are structural or non-structural methods used to control both quantity and quality of runoff generated by a development.  Most land development projects (residential and commercial) provide a BMP onsite prior to receiving approval. Examples include:  detention ponds, biofilters, rain gardens, and underground storage tanks.


Where are the BMPs?

Currently there are numerous BMPs installed around the City in various site developments.  Some of these sites have active BMP maintenance agreements deeded with their properties.  These agreements, established in 2005 or later, require the property owners in these subdivisions to properly maintain and inspect their BMPs.  They also give the City the right to enter the property and inspect such facilities as we deem necessary.  Older subdivisions/sites that do not have BMP maintenance agreements are bound by approved Site Plans referencing BMPs on their property.  All BMPs must be kept in accordance with their recommended maintenance and inspection schedule as required at all times.  In the event that a BMP fails to operate correctly, a subdivision/site would be in violation of their approved plan and would be required to pursue remedial efforts.

What does the City Inspection Program entail? 

Inspection and Reporting Process

 When Does it Start?

The BMP program starts at the beginning of each calendar year

What are EPA's requirements regarding inspections and maintenance of BMPs?

What if I have more questions?

Call 434-970-3182 as ask to speak to the Engineering Division Staff.

Neighborhood Development Services Engineering Division is initiating the annual Best Management Practices (BMP) Inspection program as part of City's Virginia Stormwater Municipal Permit requirements.