Building Address Designations

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General Information on Address Assignments

Whether you are seeking a new address to be issued or have questions about why your address might need to be changed, you've come to the right place!

In the City of Charlottesville, addresses are assigned by the City's E911 Administrator or their designee. All addresses must follow the City's standards. When the standards are not followed, life and property are put at risk during an emergency. Each housing unit or business in a building should have a unique address. Addresses should be sequential, with odd and even numbers on opposite sides of the street. Notice an address that is out of sequence? Let us know!


Quick Facts 

  • All City addresses are assigned by a designated City official
  • You may request an address using the contact information below
  • You do not need an address to apply for a building permit; the parcel number is sufficient
  • An address is not a legal description of your property. Always refer to the tax map and parcel number. (Don't know your parcel number? Look up your property on the GIS viewer.)
  • In order to keep our addressing in sequential order, in compliance with the E-911 requirements, the City of Charlottesville reserves the right to reassign an address to a property.


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