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Residential Plan Review pertains to one and two-family dwellings. For three or more see COMMERCIAL PLAN REVIEW


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The amount of detail provided with your plans for permit application can go a long way in avoiding costly and timely mistakes that may be discovered during an inspection. These details would include dimensions and materials utilized in the following building systems (but not limited to): Footings, foundations, ceiling and floor systems, walls, fire separation systems, and roof assemblies. Click here to see requirements for building the deck you've always wanted as well other information that may apply to your project. Keep in mind that its always a good idea to consult with a contractor, architect, or engineer when determining the design and layout of your project. 

The following should be submitted with your permit application:

• Four sets of plans for new buildings and building footprint changes to existing buildings, as follows:
a. Two full sets including a dimension site plan for Building Code review.
b. Two partial sets with existing and proposed utilities including storm drains and curbs, sidewalks, entrances, elevations and dimension site plan for engineering, zoning, and planning.
• Name, occupation, telephone number & e-mail address of person preparing plans.
• Accurate work description on permit application.

 *Note: You may be requested to provide additional information about your project during the plan review process.

2012 Virginia Residential Code



 Before a Certificate of Occupancy can be issued for a new residential building, an "As-Built" survey is required to be submitted. This survey should show the location of utility easements, retaining walls, locations of gas meters, water meters, and sewer clean-outs, site or street lighting, and distances between structures and property lines. The survey should also match the City approved drawings that were submitted at the time of the original application.



Free-standing or self-supporting decks with the finished floor level 18 inches or less above grade do not require a building permit. This exception does not release the owner, owner's agent or tenant compliance with the provisions of the Virginia Residential Code or all pertinent laws and local ordinances. Check with the City of Charlottesville Engineering and Zoning Administration for additional Information.



 Center for Disease Control - Get the facts about unintentional drowning

The link above is provided so that those interested in installing a pool or spa are aware of the dangers and responsibility that comes with them.

An excerpt from the 2012 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code (ISPSC): Code officials and environmental health officials commonly work closely in the plan review and inspection of aquatic vessels. This collaboration between departments to jointly review plans and inspect aquatic vessels is critical in order to achieve a safe and healthy environment for all that utilize these facilities. The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP), a cooperating sponsor with International Code Council in the development and update of the ISPSC, further notes: "While it is recognized that proper construction and installation are essential, safe use of pools and spas requires common sense, including constant adult supervision of children, and proper maintenance. It is assumed and intended that pool users will exercise appropriate personal judgment and responsibility (including constant adult supervision of children) and that operators will create and enforce rules and warnings appropriate for their pool/spa"

2012 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code

CONVERSION (from single-family to two-family) REQUIREMENTS

Check with the Zoning department (434-970-3182) to ensure that a 2 family dwelling or accessory apartment is allowed in your neighborhood. Accessory apartments must meet the current Virginia Residential Building Code (VRC) requirements for a two-family dwelling. Apply for a building permit at City Hall with 3 sets of drawings. Identify rooms with dimensions and show detail of fire separation between two dwelling units. The 2012 VRC requires a 1-hour fire separation between dwelling units.

Accessory Apt Conversion