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Providing as much detail as possible will help ensure the plan review process works as efficiently as possibly, and could possibly help to avoid costly mistakes and errors that might be discovered during inspections. The information below is the minimum required for plan review. Keep in mind that at any time you may be asked to provide additional information about your project. 

• Four sets of plans for new buildings and building footprint changes to existing buildings, as follows:        
a. Two full sets including dimensioned site plan for Building Code review. Show accessible route to building.
b. Two partial sets with existing and proposed utilities including storm drains and curbs, sidewalks, entrances, elevations and dimensioned site plan for engineering and zoning/planning.
• IMPORTANT: Dimensioned site plan. Building Inspection, Zoning & Engineering require this. (distances from new construction to property lines)
• Professional seal required on plans as required by The Code of Virginia.
• Name, occupation, E-mail address & telephone number of person who prepared plans.
• Accurate work description on permit application.
• Building Code Edition