CAFF Information

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Who We Are
Community Attention has been providing foster care services in our area since 1976.  We work with children of all ages, providing short, long and permanent placements for children that can even include adoption.  Community Attention is a nonprofit public agency and a division within Charlottesville’s Department of Human Services. 

What We Do
The CAFF program provides individual and group supervision for the parents with the assistance of a consulting psychologist.  The program also provides treatment in a family atmosphere seen as a less restrictive alternative to an institutional or a group home setting.  Participants selected for this program must demonstrate an ability to succeed in a less structured environment.  This setting teaches residents how to live in a family environment, learn decision-making skills, develop personal responsibility and improve their self-esteem.  Each resident has an individualized treatment plan that is designed to address his or her treatment issues.

CAFF works with the participant and the Department of Social Services to provide permanency planning in foster care when appropriate.  Aftercare services are provided to the participant and their post-placement to assist with their transition.  The program has the ability to accept emergency placements on a limited basis.

Father and ChildOur Participants
Participants in our program range from birth to 18 years of age.  They have been carefully screened to assure that they are emotionally and behaviorally ready for placement with a family.  Some of our children need only short-term support to prepare them for return to their family of origin, but many stay with their CAFF family until maturity.  Our participants are good kids who have often had terrible experiences in their lives; they need special help to overcome these experiences and realize their full potential.

Children in the CAFF program receive a case manager who provides informal counseling in addition to coordination and planning services.  Additionally, the children have access to the entire continuum of Community Attention services.  Special needs participants may be assigned a therapeutic aide or additional wrap around services to help them succeed in their placement.  Many children remain in the program for 12 or more months prior to entering into permanent foster care, transitioning home, to another foster or adoptive family or an independent living arrangement.  The case manager will coordinate with family members and referring agents to transition each participant into placement upon successful discharge from the program.