Team Principles

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Community Attention believes that an essential element of successful client services is effective teamwork and a clear understanding of what is expected.  Therefore many years ago we developed a set of team principles that incorporate our beliefs about teamwork and clarify our expectations for ourselves and our teammates.  The principles and the associated bullets that follow are specific behavioral expectations that we use to train new staff and volunteers, evaluate annual staff performance, and in teaching our clients how to interact more successfully in families, groups, and relationships.  These principles are an integral part of our daily activities and have led to a very positive and productive work environment.

  1. System Focus: Everybody is responsible for the success or failure of our system. The "WE" concept.
  2. Effective Communication: A communication system that is open, honest, respectful, active, and helpful.
  3. Benefit of the Doubt: Everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt.
  4. Solution-Orientation: A commitment to actively seek solutions to the issues and problems we are trying to solve.
  5. Personal Responsibility: An agreement to understand our individual, team, and City responsibilities and expectations; and to do the best job possible, accepting responsibility for our individual performance.