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1971 - Boys' Attention Home (907 E. Jefferson Street) serves 8 kids per day
Community volunteers & Judge Zehler open first community group home serving juvenile justice and social services children

1973 - LEAA/State Grant - Boys’ Attention Home
Three year state grant awarded to Community Attention (CA) to establish a community based residential alternative to detention and commitment

1975 - City of Charlottesville
The City “adopts” Community Attention to access federal and state funding

1976 - Family Group Homes (FGH)
Specialized/treatment foster care system developed to meet local needs

1977 - Girls' Attention Home (506 7th Street)
Community requests that we open a girls' group home

1985 - Temporary Care/Outreach Detention/CSP Outreach Services
New outreach programming added to Community Attention system

1990 - New Girls' Attention Home (414 4th Street)
Increased demand leads to a larger girls home

1991 - Co-ed Group Home (414 4th Street); Expansion of FGH/Outreach Detention (Redesign I)
Research shows the benefits of co-ed programming

1992 - Teens GIVE (Getting Involved in Volunteer Experiences)
CDBG grant allows us to open a service learning community program that supervises teens doing volunteer work in the community

1994-95 - Outreach Services Unit (Redesign II)
Community Attention moves from a block grant funding approach to a purchase of service system that allows us to serve more local children.  A single entry point admissions system is implemented that improves clinical services and reduces costs.

1998 - Expansion of Teens GIVE/Skill Building Groups
Community Attention begins to serve up to 80 kids per day

1999 - Teens GIVE After School Program Model Developed
Attempts to reduce costs and expand services while maintaining quality programming leads to more group programming

2001 - Teens GIVE Sliver and Block II Programs Begin
Charlottesville Schools and CA collaborate on new in-school volunteer service learning programs at CHS

2002 - Teens GIVE Buford After School Program Begins
More collaboration with Charlottesville Schools leads to the funding of TG services at Buford

2003 - Fluvanna County funds Teens GIVE Satellite Program
Teens GIVE starts an after school program in Fluvanna Co. for at-risk students

2003 - Family Group Homes Expands
FGH adds additional homes due to referral requests

2005 - Outreach Services Unit Merges with Teens GIVE
Teens GIVE takes over control of the Outreach Services Unit, renaming it the Community Supervision Program (CSP).  Teens GIVE assumes two working components: the original Service-Learning, and re-aligned CSP.

2005 - Merger with Juvenile Court Assessment Center
Community Attention absorbs the Juvenile Court Assessment Center's operations and mission into the Teens GIVE Program.

2017 - Attention Home Closes                                                                                                                                            After 4 decades of service to the community, the Attention Home closes in order to ensure that Community Attention programming is consistent with the community's adopted practice model. 

2017 - Community-based Services expands to include Girls Circle, Thinking for a Change & Adolescent Check-up    Three new programs are added to ensure Community Attention remains evidence-based, relevant and focused on strengths.