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Job Application Help

Where do I begin? 
To get started, visit to access a current list of Job Opportunities and to create an account.  Please remember to keep a record of your username and password once you have set up an account.  You will need to input this information exactly as it was originally entered in order to login to check the status of your application, update your contact information, or to apply for other positions. 

How do I get an email address? 
If you do not already have an email address, a free email account is available through a number of providers. Though we cannot endorse any particular vendor, you may want to go to one of these websites for more information: Google mail:; Yahoo mail:; or Hotmail: An email address is required to create an account.

Can I get help with completing the online application?
Yes.  Help is available in person or by telephone from the City’s Human Resources staff on how to use the online system.  HR staff cannot, however, complete applications for applicants. For more information, contact Human Resources during business hours (8am-5pm Monday – Friday) 
Phone: (434) 970-3490
In-person: 2nd floor of City Hall, 605 East Main Street, Charlottesville VA

Can I apply for a position at any time? 
The City of Charlottesville accepts applications only for current vacancies. An application deadline is listed for each position. Applications cannot be accepted after the application deadline. 

How do closing dates work? What if the closing date is listed as 'Open Until Filled’ or ‘Continuous?’
The online system will allow you to submit an application until 4:59 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time) on the deadline date. At that point the job announcement will be automatically pulled from our employment website. If you are completing an application and the deadline passes you will not be able to complete the submission. Positions which have 'Open Until Filled' or ‘Continuous’ listed as the closing date will be open to applications until enough qualified applicants are received to begin the interview process or until all positions have been filled. At that point, the job announcement will be pulled from our employment website. Apply as early as possible to assure you are considered for those job openings.

I am interested in a job that is not listed on the Job Opportunities Page. Is there a way to be notified when the position becomes available?
Yes; visit our Jobs Board website. Click the “Menu” button on the top left, and then select “Job Descriptions.”  Use the search box to find a job title you are interested in and then select the title.  Above the General Summary in each job description you will find a link that says “Subscribe.” This link will take you to the Job Interest Card. If you complete the required fields, you will receive an email when the position is posted on the Jobs Board under Job Opportunities. You may also use the “Notify Me for Future Jobs” link in the “Menu” on our City Jobs Board website which will allow you to select a certain type of job categories; Select the categories that interest you, and then select “Subscribe.”

What if I do not have a computer or access to the web? 
There is a computer available in the Department of Human Resources, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. We are located at City Hall, 605 East Main Street, 2nd floor. The Virginia Employment Commission also has computers available for job seekers. In addition, any of the Public Libraries in the Charlottesville area will have computers available for use by the public, as well as the Downtown Job Center located in the basement of the Central Library. Be prepared to sign up to use a computer, and note that there may be a time limit.

I get a connection error while using the site.  What do I do?
If you experience errors on the site, you can try reloading the page, adjusting your browser's security settings, or using a different web browser.  If you're still having problems, please contact us at (434) 970-3490, or via e-mail at

How do I check the status of my application? 
You can check the status of your application(s) by signing-in to your account; Click on “City of Charlottesville Jobs Board,” “Menu” and then “Applicant Login.”

How do I save my application? 
You must click "SAVE" in each section to retain the information you have entered. If you close your browser prior to clicking "SAVE", you will lose any information you entered after the last time you clicked "SAVE." If at any time you need to exit out of the application form, click the "Save" button at the bottom of the form. You can return to your application later by logging into your account under “Applicant Login.”
What if I want to submit a resume? 
You may attach a resume to your application during Step 1 of the application process after listing references.

Please note that resumes will not be accepted by fax, e-mail, or postal service. Submitting a resume is not a substitute for submitting a completed online application at

Who will see my application if I use the online application process? 
All information is held on a secure web server. Only the Human Resources Department staff and other authorized City personnel will have access to your application.
Can I apply for more than one job at a time? 
Yes. Once you have completed your online application, you can apply for multiple positions that are currently open. Please remember to update your application as needed regarding your work history, contact information, or other relevant information changes.

How do I print my application? 
After you have submitted your application, you will see a link to ‘Click here for a printable version of the application you just submitted.’ You may print from that link.

I missed the deadline - can I still apply? 
No. As with any position, once a closing date has passed, no application will be accepted. Please continue to visit our site and apply for new jobs as they become available. 

Can I make changes to an already submitted application? 
No. Once an application has been submitted for a specific position you will NOT be able to make any changes to it. Should you need to make changes to a submitted application you must contact Human Resources at, prior to the position being closing, indicating that you wish to invalidate your application and submit a new one. Once a position has closed no changes can be made to that specific application.

Do I have to fill out an application? 
Yes. A completed application is required for all positions. Required fields are denoted with an asterisk (*). The more detail you provide, the easier it will be to effectively evaluate your skills, abilities, and qualifications. Incomplete applications may be rejected, therefore it is important to be thorough.

Will I automatically be considered for other positions if I previously submitted an application? 
No.  You must submit a separate application for each position in which you are interested.

What happens after I file my application? 
For positions with a fixed closing date, all applications received that meet the minimum qualifications will be sent to the authorized Hiring Manager(s) where they will be evaluated and a decision made as which applicants to select for interviews. The volume of applications received varies per job and can be large, and the screening process may take several weeks. 


About City Jobs

During the hiring process how do I request reasonable accommodations for a disability?
Requests for reasonable accommodation by applicants may be made by submitting a written request to the Human Resources Director at the address below, prior to the job closing date or prior to the event for which an accommodation may be needed: 

City of Charlottesville
Department of Human Resources
605 East Main Street
P.O. Box 911
Charlottesville, Virginia 22902

You may also contact the Human Resources Department at (434) 970-3490 or to begin the request for reasonable accommodation procedure.

I have a criminal record: will the City consider my application?
Yes: the City does not have blanket exclusion for offenders. However, convicted felons cannot be hired for certain positions due to requirements by state or federal law.  For example, certain positions in our Social Service and Human Services departments cannot be filled by applicants that have been convicted of specific barrier crimes as required by state or federal law.  Applicants with criminal histories will be assessed on an individual basis with respect to time, circumstances, seriousness, and the extent to which the offense is related to the job for which you are applying. To provide support services for ex-offenders, the City partners with OAR: Jefferson Area Community Corrections: click here to visit their website and learn more.

What pre-employment checks does the City conduct?
In accordance with federal, state, and local law, the City of Charlottesville conducts job related background checks and pre-employment drug tests of applicants who reach the final stages of the employment selection process. Background checks may include but are not limited to: confirmation of education, training and experience; criminal history; credit history; driving records; and reference checks, and are dependent on the nature of the position sought and the public duties associated with such position.  Applicants will be asked to sign a release authorizing the City to conduct the necessary background checks for their position. For certain positions, a conditional offer of employment may be made prior to completion of a drug test and all applicable background checks.  All applicants who receive a conditional offer of employment with the City will be required to pass all of the pre-employment background checks including a pre-employment drug test. A decision as to whether the offer will be confirmed shall be made after the results of the background checks and drug test are reviewed.

The position I am applying for requires a valid driver’s license.  What is the City’s Vehicle Use Policy?
Some City positions require employees to drive either a City or personal vehicle to perform an essential duty of their job. When applying for a position that requires driving, you may be asked specific questions about your driving experience, driving record, specific convictions, or points balance. Applicants selected for positions that require driving will be asked to provide a certified copy of their DMV driving record and must meet the City’s driving eligibility requirements. The City’s driving eligibility requirements are outlined below.  

At a minimum, to be eligible to be a driver with the City, you must have:

  1. A current appropriate valid driver’s license;
  2. No currently restricted driving privileges or suspended or revoked licenses.  In addition, 24 months shall have passed since the most recent:
    1. Date of restoration of driving privileges after license revocation or declaration, determination or adjudication as a Habitual Offender;
    2. Ending date of a period of suspension. Administrative suspension may be exempt. Examples of administrative suspensions include, but are not limited to: failure to pay fine, insurance monitoring, failure to pay child support, or for medical conditions that no longer exist or are under control with or without medication.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, a decision to exempt a suspension within the twenty-four month period is within the sole-discretion of the City.
  3. No convictions of driving while intoxicated with, or under the influence of, alcohol or drugs within the past 36 months;
  4. A current Virginia DMV point balance of no less than negative five (-5).

In addition to the driving standards outlined above, depending on assignment, City drivers must comply with all special provisions that may apply for certain positions based on State statutes, licensing boards, operation of emergency vehicles/equipment, etc. Some positions may have more stringent requirements and a determination will be made based on those standards.

Prior to starting employment with the City, your driving records must be approved by the hiring manager, who may consult with Risk Management. Authorized City drivers are subject to ongoing driving record status monitoring through DMV, for the duration of time that driving remains necessary to perform essential job duties.  Additionally, if you are required to operate personal vehicles for City business, proof of valid automobile insurance coverage must be submitted.  A complete copy of the City’s Vehicle Use Policy can be provided upon request. 

I am unemployed: where do I learn about services and benefits?
The Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) has a Workforce Center where many resources and services are available. This office is located at 2211 Hydraulic Road, Charlottesville VA 22901. The office phone number is (434) 984-7630. Click here to visit the VEC website.

Where can I find information about employment with Charlottesville Public Schools? 
You must contact Charlottesville City Schools directly. For more information, please call (434) 245-2400. Click here to visit the Charlottesville Schools Human Resources website.

For any further questions regarding the application process, please call 
(434) 970-3490 or Email us at