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Rules of Occupancy

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In addition to the Obligations of residents, household members and guests stated in Section 13 of the Dwelling Lease, residents, members of the household and guests shall comply with the following Rules of Occupancy:

  1. No signs or notices may be placed on the premises.

  2. Pet mammals are permitted as authorized by the Housing Authority's Pet Policy and federal regulations and as limited by local, state and federal restrictions.

  3. No washing machines, clothes dryers, air conditioning units or dishwashers (permanent or portable) are permitted unless written permission is granted by the Housing Authority.

  4. Common stairways passageways, sidewalks and parking areas are not to be used for storage, gathering places or play areas.

  5. Residents shall not install additional or different locks on any gates, doors or windows of a unit without the written permission of the Housing Authority. At the request of the Housing Authority, the tenant shall (I) provide a duplicate of all keys to the locks installed, and (ii) remove the locks upon the termination of occupancy.

  6. Furniture or stored material is not permitted on grounds, hallways, porches or balconies, unless authorized in writing by the Housing Authority. Clotheslines and drying or airing of clothes are not permitted on common grounds, hallways, passageways or balconies.

    All motor vehicles must be parked in designated areas, and must be properly registered, licensed and operable. Parking areas shall not be used for storage, maintenance or repair of motor vehicles.

  7. (a) Removal of snow and ice from walks leading to the apartment and the cutting and maintenance of yard areas are the resident's responsibility, and with the exception of Crescent Halls and the buildings at 802 and 806 Hardy Drive. (b) If the tenant fails or neglects to perform these obligations, the Housing Authority may provide the grass cutting maintenance and snow removal services, and charge the tenant in accordance with the current schedule of charges.

  8. No resident, household member or guest shall discharge a BB gun, pellet gun, firearm, bow and arrow, or any other weapon, or fireworks, on or near Housing Authority grounds and premises.

  9. No business or commercial activity shall be conducted or operated on the premises without the written permission of the Housing Authority. This includes collection and storage of aluminum cans, glass bottles and paper for resale.

  10. Written notice shall be given to the Housing Authority when the premises are to be vacant for two weeks or more. Such notice shall not render the Housing Authority responsible for any personal property left in or on the premises during the tenant's absence.

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