Common services offered by Charlottesville Fire Department


 Commercial and Residential KnoxBox

Trusted by thousands of fire and law enforcement agencies for over 40 years, Knox Rapid Access Solutions have provided first responders with immediate access into secure buildings, campuses, residences, and commercial properties when it matters most. Removing barriers to entry reduces injuries to responders and minimizes property damage. That's the power of the Knox rapid access system.

If you are purchasing a KnoxBox for your property, please use this link to ensure that the Charlottesville Fire Department will be able to access it.

Property owners are responsible for purchase and installation of the KnoxBox. The KnoxBox should be installed on the street address side of the building and should be installed 5 feet above finished grade. Please call the Charlottesville Fire Marshal's office with any further questions: 434.970.3328.

Building Inspections

We use periodic inspections to ensure the safety of newly constructed and existing commercial and multifamily buildings. We also offer these inspections upon request. Inspections include:

  • Sprinklers
  • Smoke alarms
  • Fire pumps
  • Fire hood suppression
  • Other specialty elements as needed

Our inspectors are certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia and work closely with other city, county, and state agencies to ensure code compliance and provide technical assistance in the application, enforcement and interpretation of codes and standards.

To determine whether your business will pass a fire inspection, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are fire extinguishers charged and functioning properly?
  • Do the smoke alarms function properly?
  • Does your sprinkler system have an annual system test?
  • Are exit signs clearly posted and lit?
  • Does your emergency lighting system function properly?
  • Are written evacuation plans posted at major exits?
  • Is anything blocking the exits?
  • Are extension cords used properly?
  • Do you practice a monthly fire drill?
  • Are combustible materials kept away from children?
  • Are appliances properly maintained?
  • Do the heating, ventilating and air conditioning units function properly?
  • Is your numeric address posted on the front your building?
  • Does each sleeping area have a smoke alarm?

Contact | Fire Marshal: 434.970.3247

Car Seat Installation

Car seat installation is performed by Albemarle County Fire & Rescue.

Contact | Albemarle County Fire & Rescue: 434.531.6614


12400881_10154588158257818_6082062560827025065_nCharlottesville-Albemarle Rescue Squad

Since 1960, the Charlottesville-Albemarle Rescue Squad has been providing EMS, heavy rescue, water rescue, and technical rescue to the Charlottesville and Albemarle communities. C-ARS is the primary EMS agency for the City of Charlottesville, the University of Virginia, and parts of Albemarle County. It is completely staffed by volunteers year round and its weekday daytime staffing is supplemented by the Charlottesville Fire Department.

For more information about C-ARS, visit


Public Records Requests

Incident Reports

A Fire Incident Report is created each time Charlottesville Fire Department or Charlottesville-Albemarle Rescue Squad personnel respond to a call for service. Once the report is reviewed and finalized it becomes public record and is available upon request.

To request a Fire Incident Report - and all other non-medical incident reports -call 434.970.3322.

An incident report that includes an EMS response is considered  to be a “Medical Incident Report” and is only available to the patient, the patient’s legal counsel, or someone designated by the patient. A formal HIPAA Privacy Rights Request Form must be completed before the record can be released to any party.

To request a Medical Incident Report contact the EMS compliance officer at 434.970.3357. Click here for a HIPAA Privacy Rights Request Form or for more information about our EMS cost recovery program.

General Public Records Requests

For all other Charlottesville Fire Department public records inquiries please call 434.970.3322.

For Albemarle County fire or medical incident reports contact Albemarle County Fire Rescue at 434.296.5833.



CPR Training

Charlottesville Fire Department offers American Heart Association courses in CPR and first aid to individuals, companies, healthcare and childcare providers, and community-based organizations. Courses are held at a Charlottesville Fire Department facility or may be conducted at other locations that meet course requirements.

Contact | 434.970.3357

  • Heartsaver® CPR AED – Teaches adult CPR and automated external defibrillation (AED) and how to help a choking adult. For nonmedical personnel. Certification lasts 2 years. Course requires 3 hours. $85/person.
  • BLS (Basic Life Support) for Healthcare Providers – Adult, child and infant CPR, foreign-body airway obstruction and automated external defibrillation. For healthcare providers. Certification lasts 2 years. Course requires 4.5 hours. $100/person
  • HeartSaver® First Aid – Emergency management skills including how to treat bleeding, sprains, broken bones, shock and other first aid emergencies until EMS arrives. For any adult participant. Certification lasts 2 years. Course requires 3 hours. $75/person.
  • HeartSaver® First Aid CPR/AED – Critical skills and knowledge to respond to and manage a first aid or sudden cardiac arrest emergency until EMS arrives, including how to treat bleeding, sprains, broken bones, shock and other first aid emergencies, as well as perform CPR and use an AED. For nonmedical personnel. Certification lasts 2 years. Course requires 6 hours. $125/person
  • HeartSaver® Pediatric First Aid-CPR/AED – How to respond and manage illnesses and injuries in a child or infant until EMS arrives. For anyone who is in regular contact with children, including parents. Certification lasts 2 years. Course requires 6 hours. $125/person
  • Online BLS Healthcare & Skills - Call for Pricing 

Cost of course per person includes all materials and certification card.

Meeting + Public Space

Charlottesville Fire Department has two meeting spaces that are available for use by the public. These rooms may be used by governmental and nongovernmental groups for:

  • Meetings
  • Workshops
  • Classes
  • Training sessions


Station 10 | 2420 Fontaine Avenue | 40 people with tables in the 3rd floor meeting room

Ridge Street Station | 203 Ridge Street| 20 people with tables in the media center


  • There can be no charge for attendees.
  • Respect space limit on number of persons.
  • Use within scheduled time frame.
  • Remove trash.
  • No food on carpeted spaces.
  • Any cleanup or repair will be billed to individual/group that reserved the room.
  • No alcohol allowed on-site.
  • No smoking is allowed on-site.
  • No recurring meetings or events.

Please note | Fire department training and emergency must override any reservation of any room at any fire station. This policy may be updated at any time, without prior notice to external customers.


Availability of the room is limited to Monday - Friday 8:30-4:30. It is not available for weekend or evening use, as administrative coverage cannot be provided on a consistent basis.

There are three Fire Department parking spots located on Summit Street beside Station 10. Additional parking is available in the surrounding neighborhood and cannot be guaranteed.

The organizer of the event must receive a 15 minute tour of the facility and orientation to the security system prior the beginning of the scheduled event. This orientation may be scheduled on a day prior to the event.

Contact | 434.970.3240

Residential Home Inspections

It is essential to ensure your home is safe from fire hazards and other potential dangers. Upon request, a representative of the Fire Marshal’s office can come to your residence and assist you with a home inspection. You may also conduct the inspection yourself and contact the Fire Marshal’s office if you have any concerns or questions.

Our inspectors will check all areas of your home and let you know of any potential hazards. They will also give you ways to mitigate or eliminate them.

See the below form for the inspection sheet that the Fire Marshal’s office will use to inspect your home and contact them with any questions.

CFD Home Inspection Sheet

Contact | Fire Marshal: 434.970.3247

Smoke Alarms

To provide free smoke alarms to all City of Charlottesville VA residents 
To meet the City's Strategic Plan of creating "Safer and Healthier Neighborhoods"

How Do I Get a Smoke Alarm?

Call the Fire Department's free smoke alarm information and contact number, 434.970.3245, or use our online email form by clicking here -- Online Smoke Alarm Request Form

What happens once I call and make a request?

CFD personnel will contact you by telephone to schedule an appointment convenient for you to install your smoke alarm(s).  Due to the large number of requests, you should anticipate a 24 to 48 hour time period before being contacted.  Please be patient, we are using our on-duty firefighters to install the alarms as quickly as possible. 

 NOTE:  This program is not designed to replace the responsibility that landlords have to their renters to provide smoke alarms as outlined in City Code.