Residential Permit Parking Zone City Ordinance

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Below is the list of the main ordinances that regulate the residential permit parking zone program.  Click here to visit the web version of the City Code.

  • Sec. 15-201.  Purpose and intent of division.
  • Sec. 15-202.  Definitions.
  • Sec. 15-203.  Establishing restricted parking blocks.
  • Sec. 15-203.1.  Removal of restricted parking blocks.
  • Sec. 15-204.  Designation of permit parking zones.
  • Sec. 15-205.  Validation of existing zones and blocks.
  • Sec. 15-206.  Creation of new zones.
  • Sec. 15-207.  Establishment of trail permit parking areas.
  • Sec. 15-208.  Permit required; hours.
  • Sec. 15-209.  Application.
  • Sec. 15-210.  Administration of permits.
  • Sec. 15-211.  Proper display and use of decals.