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Individual Trash Stickers

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Individual trash stickers for 13-gallon and 32-gallon trash bags are available in the City Hall Lobby and at many convenience and grocery stores in the Charlottesville area.

Please Note: Most grocery stores only sell the individual stickers in a full sheet (which includes 12 stickers).  Stickers may be purchased at City Hall in any quantity.

The City of Charlottesville strongly encourages recycling, as it promotes a clean environment and reduces the cost of processing refuse.  Please visit the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority webpage for more information on recycling in Charlottesville.

The appropriate sticker must be placed on trash bags set out for collection. Both types of stickers are available in sheets of 12, though citizens may purchase as few as one at a time.  Effective July 1, 2004, 13- gallon trash stickers sell for $1.05 each and 32-gallon stickers sell for $2.10 each. Individual 32-gallon trash bags set out for collection must not exceed a weight of 50 lbs. and individual 13-gallon trash bags must not exceed a weight of 25 lbs.

For more information about individual trash stickers and trash pick-up in general, consult the links below: