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Annual Trash Decals

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An alternative to individual trash stickers is the annual trash decal.  Annual trash decals are available for  32-gallon, 50-gallon, 64-gallon and 96-gallon containers. A decal must be purchased for each container you plan to use.  Full 32-gallon containers must not exceed a weight of 50 lbs.  Full 50-gallon containers must not exceed a weight of 75 lbs. Full 64-gallon containers must not exceed a weight of  100 lbs. Full 96-gallon containers must not exceed a weight of 150 lbs. The decals will bear the address for which they were purchased and may not be used at any other address.

Annual trash decals are renewed in June of each year.  Decals may also be purchased at any other time of the year, at the prorated prices listed below:

(prices listed are effective July 1, 2016)

Purchase Month





July 1st - September 30th





October 1st - December 31st 





January 1st - March 31st





April 1st - June 15th





The price listed above for April 1st to June 15th indicates a purchase of the decal expiring on June 30th of the same year, not a purchase of the decal for the upcoming year.  Decals for the upcoming year may go on sale prior to June 15th and in that case, may be purchased at full price.

After June 15th, only decals for the upcoming decal year may be purchased.

If you should move during the decal year, you may return your old decal and obtain a transfer decal for your new address for a fee of $5.00. 

If your decal is lost, stolen, or accidentally destroyed, you may obtain a replacement at the Treasurer's Office and paying a replacement fee of $5.00.

Annual trash decals may only be purchased in the lobby of City Hall.