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In an effort to make parking in downtown Charlottesville a little easier, City Council has approved a waiver for first-time parking violations received for overtime parking. We understand that sometimes overtime parking regulations can be a bit confusing, and people may receive overtime parking tickets for reasons beyond their control. If this is the first overtime parking ticket you have received, you may qualify for a one time waiver for a ticket received in Charlottesville’s downtown parking corridor.

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Only tickets that reference the waiver program at the bottom of the ticket are eligible to apply for a waiver, so inspect your ticket carefully for eligibility.

The facts of your waiver request will be reviewed by a city employee, who shall determine whether the waiver should be granted or denied, and you will notified of the decision in writing. For your convenience, fine amounts will not be subject to any late penalties while your waiver request is under review.

A waiver should only be used to ask for a first time waiver of an overtime parking ticket (violation code: 02), and is not used to contest the merits or validity of a ticket you have received. To contest the merits or validity of a ticket, meaning you believe the ticket was issued in error, please use the Parking Citation Appeal form.

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