Dialogue on Race

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Dialogue on Race

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Action Strategy Meeting

                                             JANUARY 22, 2018 6:00PM                                                  Jefferson School African American Heritage Center

Community members who are ready to get involved with action about race relations in Charlottesville are invited to this strategy meeting. Teams will be created to address issues and concerns in the following areas:

         Education, Economics, Government, Social/Cultural and Recovery/Preparation (connected to events of July 8 &             Aug. 12)

Lots of positive solutions came out of the first Dialogue on Race in 2009. A lot has also happened since then that still requires our focus on race and social justice. To see what came out of the 2009 Dialogue on Race, go to charlottesville.org/dialogue. You can also see what ideas are being considered for the 2018 Dialogue on Race. We need your involvement because


DIALOGUE ON RACE 2009                                                             



Our mission is to engage every segment of our community in an open, honest, on-going discussion of race, racism and diversity and to identify problems and propose concrete solutions and paths to action that promote racial reconciliation, economic justice and equity. - Dialogue on Race Steering Committee.


 For more information contact the Office of Human Rights at: 434-970-3023