Complaint Policy

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Charlottesville Area Transit is committed to providing reliable, safe, and satisfying transportation options for our community. Customers of Charlottesville Area Transit are the primary focus of our business and as such, their feedback is crucial to the growth and development of the agency.

The Charlottesville Area Transit customer Complaint Policy has been established to ensure that riders of the system have an easy and accessible way to provide feedback to the agency. Charlottesville Area Transit is open to hearing any customer feedback including complaints, comments, suggestions, or concerns.

Contacting Charlottesville Area Transit
Riders can contact Charlottesville Area Transit in the following ways: 

  1. U.S. Mail: Riders can mail their feedback to the Charlottesville Area Transit administrative office at Assistant Operations Manager, 1545 Avon Street Extended, Charlottesville, VA 22902. 
  2. Feedback Line: Riders can contact Charlottesville Area Transit at (434) 970-3649, option 1. This line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 
  3. Electronic Mail: Riders can contact Charlottesville Area Transit by e-mail at . 
  4. FAX: Riders can send written feedback via fax to (434) 970-3841. 
  5. Language Line: For riders who speak a language other than English, Charlottesville Area Transit utilizes the services of Virginia Relay to facilitate the call. Virginia Relay is available by dialing 711. 
  6. Web Site: Riders can offer feedback on the Charlottesville Area Transit website at

Feedback Review Process
All feedback from customers is valued. Feedback will be reviewed by the customer service department which will distribute the customer communication to the appropriate agency representative(s).

  1. Customer concerns, complaints, or employee commendations will be forwarded to the appropriate supervisor.
  2. Recommendations for service or system modification will be sent to the Transit Manager.
  3. Questions regarding discrimination or bias will be sent to the Transit Manager.

Feedback Acknowledgement
Anyone who submits a comment, complaint, or service suggestion to Charlottesville Area Transit shall receive a response provided they give legible contact information.

  • Feedback sent via US Mail or fax will receive a response within seven business days.
  • Electronic mail, phone, or web originated messages will be returned within three business days.

Customer Appeals Process
Any person who is dissatisfied with the response they receive from Charlottesville Area Transit is welcome to appeal the decision. A review team consisting of the Transit Manager, City of Charlottesville Director of Public Works, Charlottesville Area Transit Advisory Board Chairperson, a rider representative, and one other staff member will review customer appeals.

Information about Policy
Information about the Customer Complaint Policy, including how to submit a complaint, will be made available to riders:

  • When customers are approved for ADA paratransit service.
  • When customers are re-evaluated for ADA paratransit service or, if customers are not re-evaluated, every three years.
  • On comment cards available on all transit vehicles.
  • At the Charlottesville Area Transit administrative office.
  • At the Downtown Transit Center.
  • On the website.
  • In the Rider’s Guide.

The Transit Manager shall compile a summary of rider responses for the Advisory Board, City Council, County Board of Supervisors, staff, and employees for use in reviewing and evaluating service.

Charlottesville Area Transit shall maintain a tracking system for all feedback from customers that provides a unique identification of each customer communication and allows ready access to information on status of the comment at any time.

Protection from Retribution
Customers of Charlottesville Area Transit should be able to submit feedback without fear of retribution from the agency. If a rider feels like they are being treated unfairly in response to the feedback they provided, they should contact the Charlottesville Area Transit Marketing Coordinator. Charlottesville Area Transit will appropriately discipline any employee that retaliates against a customer.

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