How to Ride

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7 Steps for an Easy and Safe Commute

 Step 1 Find a Designated Bus Stop
Official stops are marked with a CAT bus stop sign, a unique five digit number, and supplemental routing information. To find a bus stop near you, check out the route maps. Bus stops are represented by dots and icons. Please keep in mind that drivers are only allowed to pick up and drop off at an official CAT bus stop. 

A picture of a CAT bus

 Step 2 Arrive Early
There’s nothing worse than missing a bus by 30 seconds. When walking to a bus stop, give yourself a few extra minutes. A bus will only pick up passengers who are actively waiting at a bus stop. Download CAT's mobile app for real-time arrival predictions.
Step 3 Have Your Fare Ready
While you are waiting at your stop, take a moment to prepare your fare. If you are using a 24-Hour Pass or smart card, please have it ready to scan through the farebox. Having your fare ready will help expedite the boarding process and ensure the route stays on time.
Step 4 Board the Bus
When the bus arrives at your stop, give exiting passengers a chance to get off. Once clear, all boarding passengers should enter through the front door. The driver will collect fares through the use of an automated farebox. If you plan on purchasing a 24-Hour Pass, verbally let your driver know. The farebox will dispense the requested pass once you have deposited your money.
Step 5 Pick a Seat
Once your fare has been paid, please take a moment to find the nearest seat. If all seats are full, passengers are encouraged to move towards the back of the bus. Doing so will keep the entrance doors clear and allow additional passengers to board. If the bus fills during the trip, please give your seat to the elderly and persons with disabilities.
Step 6 Request a Stop
As the bus nears your stop, let the driver know you want off by pulling one of the bell cords located above each window. When requesting a stop, please pull the cord early enough to allow for a smooth stop. Failure to do so may result in the bus skipping your stop and serving the next stop.
Step 7 Exit the Bus
When possible, passengers should exit the bus through the rear doors. If you must cross the street, please wait for the bus to depart and then cross behind. Unlike school buses, transit buses do not have the authority to stop traffic. Passengers should be mindful of their surroundings before crossing.