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Appeal Process

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Pursuant to US Department of Transportation regulations implementing ADA paratransit requirements (USC 49 part 37 Subpart F, Section 37.125), the Charlottesville Area Transit will accept appeals from its determinations of eligibility.  Applicants for ADA paratransit service may appeal:

1. A determination that an applicant is not eligible for paratransit services: 

2. The conditions placed upon eligibility or use of paratransit services.

In addition customers whose services have been suspended for any reason can appeal their suspension of service.  All appeals must be filed in writing with the Charlottesville Area Transit.  

Appeals must be filed within sixty (60) days of the receipt of the original determination of ineligibility or conditional eligibility.  If the 60th day after the original determination is on a weekend or legal holiday, an appeal will be accepted on the next subsequent business day. If an applicant misses the appeal deadline, he or she may reapply at any time, and if denied, appeal.

Appellants are urged to state in their appeal letter the reasons why they believe the determination does not accurately reflect their ability to use CAT fixed route service.  Written material regarding the specific functional ability of the applicant/customer or relating to the general nature of the individual’s disability may be submitted at this time.  An applicant may however request an appeal without providing additional detail and without the submission of additional written material or information. If the agency has not made an appeal decision within thirty (30) days of the completion of the appeal process, the applicant has presumptive eligibility and must be provided service until and unless a decision to deny the appeal is issued.

Send your appeal letter to:

Paratransit Certification Appeal
Charlottesville Area Transit
1545 Avon Street, Extended
Charlottesville, Virginia 22902