Rivanna Solid Waste Authority

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Meetings: 4th Monday of every month at 2pm
Place: RSWA – 695 Moore’s Creek Lane
Membership: 5 members (City Manager, Director of Charlottesville Department of Public Works, 2 members designated by Albemarle County, and the Chair jointly appointed by the City and County).
Term: 2 years (for joint City/County appointment).
Purpose: Provide post-closure care and environmental corrective action programs for the closed Ivy Landfill as required by Commonwealth of Virginia laws and regulations; provide solid waste transfer facilities and provide processing and distribution-to-market facilities for recyclable wastes collected from waste collection services in the City and County; and provide convenience centers and special waste disposal, recycling, and reuse services to citizens of the City and County as authorized by the City or County.

Contact: Director of Rivanna Solid Waste Authority at 434-977-2970.